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Liz Sweet


Meet Liz

Liz, an extroverted introvert, has been quietly painting for much of her life. She is self-taught but has always been surrounded by many wonderful creatives, however, never taking the leap to join them until the last few years!


Painting is a constant journey, flowing with the energy and space it can bring as well as the walls of resistance that can come unexpectedly.


Liz is full of energy for all creative projects. A lifelong love of being tactile and getting messy have brought about many wonderful experiences. She practiced Massage and Acupuncture for over two decades with much love and enthusiasm until the time came to shift gears.


A chronic renovator, DIYer and lover of all things cozy cottage. Liz loves to create spaces that feel loved and lived while being surrounded by long horizons, large skies, any water and all nature.


If not covered in paint or dirt you will find her in the woods with her labs or sailing with her builder husband.


Her life has brought her many gifts of which she is now taking the time to savour, the greatest being time to paint and soak up the beauty of her small community on the coast of Nova Scotia.

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Tel: 902-222-2475

Stonehurst, Nova Scotia

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